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What is your EVEREST?

6 Brave WeIsStrong Omaha Teammates are taking on their Mt. Everest. This team is intentionally challenging themselves to do something only a few conquer in climbing the vertical equivalent of Mt. Everest.

Aug 11, 2023 this team along with about 245 others will start their journey in Snow Basin, Utah at 6a.  Each ascent, they will climb 2310 ft over 2.3 miles, rinse and repeat 13 times for a total of 29,029 ft over 29.9 miles. This group will have 36 hours to complete the challenge.

Kate Andersen #5

Steve Andersen #6

Meredith Carlson #38

Penny McWilliams #152 

Scott (Wally) Wachholtz #236

Carol Wisecarver # 241

Team WeIsStrong Nebraska is taking this endurance challenge to the next level by starting a campaign to raise donations for WeIsStrong Cancer Foundation and The Hope Lodge, Omaha and their BIG DIG EVENT.  100% of the proceeds will be split between the 2 organizations.  Read OUR STORY for how these organizations help our community. 

All donations are tax deductible through WeIsStrong Non profit EIN 85-2942104.

Click the link to the left to donate or send via Venmo @weisstrong

Venmo donations will be tracked separately but not added to this total.

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