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Family-led Organization wants to

KICK CANCER: You can Help at the 7/23 KICK-A-THON.  


Let's KICK CANCER at the July 23rd KICK-A-THON!


EVENT DESCRIPTION: KICK-A-THON hosted by The WeIsStrong Foundation

Have you always wanted to kick cancer's butt? On 7/23, you'll get your chance!

  • Join the WeIsStrong Foundation on Sunday, 7/23, for a day-long KICK-A-THON.

  • The public is welcome to take unlimited Kickboxing classes from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. every hour on the hour.

  • A $20 donation would be appreciated to help those loved ones battling cancer and to honor   those lost to this horrible disease,

  • Free Giveaways, Raffles and Drawings


VENUE DETAILS:      Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping,

10351 Portal Road #101, LaVista, NE, 68128




Sunday, 7/23, 6 a.m.–6 p.m.


WeIsStrong Foundation



Free event. A donation of $20 is suggested.


ABOUT WeIsStrong:

Growing up in South Omaha, the Weis Family’s six kids knew they were blessed with each other and their amazing parents.  While attending St. Stanislaus’s School & Parish and Daniel J. Gross High School (graduating from 1976–1993), their Catholic faith was nurtured and still endures as they raise their own families.


The Weis Family continued to count their blessings when members within their own family, Ron Sr., & Ron Jr., were able to beat cancer and live complete lives beyond their illness. Realizing others facing a cancer diagnosis and treatment may not have the same, or any, support from friends and family, the WeIsStrong Foundation was established.  This family-led, non-profit organization provides emotional and financial support to those in the Omaha community battling cancer. Their belief is that together they can influence and create a stronger, healthier community.


Through the kindness of donations, WeIsStrong has helped warriors and families with home cleaning services, insurance deductibles, celebratory events, plane tickets, bikes, ball gloves/golf clubs/bat, memorial gifts and much more.


To date, the organization has been privileged to help over 100 champions and now here’s another chance to support them reaching their goal to help even more!


A KICK-A-THON is being held in in compliment with an extraordinary effort of the WeIsStrong Team of six climbing a vertical challenge.


Six brave Teammates from Omaha are heading to Snow Basin, UT, to test themselves to do something few conquer: climbing the vertical equivalent of Mt. Everest in honor of cancer warriors.


At 6am on Aug 11, 2023, a team from Omaha’s WeIsStrong organization will have 36 hours to complete a 29.9 mile challenge, climbing 2310 ft (2.3 miles) 13 times, totaling Everest’s 29,029 ft. Through this vertical journey they will meet the heights to top 7of the highest peaks in the. Mt. Kosciuszko Australia, Mt. Vinson Antarctica, Mt. Elbrus Europe, Kilimanjaro Africa, Denali North America, Aconcagua South America before they hit the peak of Mt Everest, Asia


The Omaha team is taking on this test of endurance, “their Mt. Everest”, and the challenge to raise the equivalent to Mt. Everest’s 29,029 height in donations for the WeIsStrong Cancer Foundation and Omaha’s Hope Lodge BIG DIG EVENT.  100% of the proceeds will be split between the 2 organizations.  All donations are tax deductible through WeIsStrong Non-profit EIN 85-2942104.


The WeIsStrong Team hopes to attain their goal by 8/20/2023 and thanks those who have provided their time, dollars, and support.


Please contact Kate Weis Andersen with any questions, for interviews or additional details.

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